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Notes from the field.

Soldier "Stephen"

“I was issued your FR shirt, and then I bought a pair of the boxers and pants.  These are the most comfortable pieces I have ever worn. ”


SWAT Commander

“The XGO Phase One t-shirt is everything that it claims to be! When I am in extreme heat for hours, it keeps me drier than anything else I have ever worn.  The rest of the team appreciated the fact that it has the odor blocking, too.”


Fighter 6 Commander

“Thanks so much!! XGO has the best products and service... Hooah! ”


Soldier with troops in Afghanistan

“The XGO sleep shirt (Phase 4) is perfect. The shirt and pants are the best feeling pieces of gear that my unit has. We know that they are going to provide us warmth, but at the same time they are amazingly comfortable. The guys really love them!”


Tactical Forces Member

“When I wear your t-shirt under my vest, it is perfect. It has just the right amount of movement for comfort. Some of the shirts become so sticky and others are way too slick causing the vest to be unstable. The XGO shirt really has been so much more comfortable.”


Sergeant Steve Weber

Colorado Springs Police Department • Sand Creek Division Motorcycle Supervisor

"I just wanted to give you my initial impressions of XGO. First, I like it enough that I have already ordered and received more from US Cavalry and guys on my team ended up buying some of it from me, so I'll need to place another order. It does seem to keep me drier than UA. Our new ballistic vests are extremely hot and trap both heat and moisture. The XGO seems to keep that moisture away from my skin better than anything else. The XGO is still damp at the end of the day, but my chest and back are not. We have not had any real hot weather since the XGO arrived, but I will keep you informed about the performance in different conditions."


William Knight

NREMT-I/85, GAEMT • Beta Tester / Product Reviewer (this is a portion of an unsolicited report he wrote). To view the entire write-up, click here.

"Undershirt: My undershirt by XGO. The material is their Acclimate Dry fabric, which is a synthetic. The particular garment I wore that day was their Phase 1 Technical Silk t-shirt. This shirt is VERY light, very comfortable, but very thin. It was advertised at the show as being better than Under Armor, and with a quick demonstration on the part of XGO's, Marketing Director, I was mostly convinced that it might be a better wicker of moisture than UA... Basically, the XGO shirt wicked all the sweat away into the cotton, where it was harder to evaporate.... The other advantages to the XGO shirt for me are that it's loose and easy to wear like a normal t-shirt, not tight and elastic like UA (though the XGO shirt is very stretchy, it doesn't feel like spandex). The seams are also flat, so there's no rubbing or discomfort under pack straps. This is a great product that I wish I'd found before purchasing a couple of UA shirts that didn't work. For referrence, I have both the UA Heatgear and Loosegear, and neither worked like the XGO shirt did."



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